Loan Social Accession

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The Social Accession Loan or the PAS loan falls under the category of home purchase assistance loans. Beneficiaries are middle-income or modest-income households wishing to complete a real estate project under the principal residence, whether in the old or the new. It can also finance a bunch of works as soon as they improve the housing from the energy point of view or enlarge it. To subscribe, the borrower must meet eligibility criteria and resource conditions depending on the area of ​​purchase of his home. Since 1 October 2014, the geographical areas of the SAP are identical to those of the zero-interest loan, these are zones A, B1, B2 and C.

Beyond these criteria, the loan term is between 5 and 30 years and the rates of the PAS loans can not exceed the ceilings determined by decree for fixed rates and revisable rates.

Simulation ready NOT

To have a simulation of financing with a loan PAS, do not hesitate to ask our experts in mortgages. In a simple request, fast and without commitment, they will answer your questions.

Benefits of the Social Accession loan


The PAS loan allows:

  • Save money with reduced backlog and warranty fees.
  • Open rights to APL

To find out more, you can consult our section on the advantages of the PAS loan.

Loans supplementary to the loan and social assistance

Loans supplementary to the loan and social assistance

For the financing of a principal residence, the borrower can take out a PAS loan and also have recourse:

Additional loans to the SAP:

Additional loans to the SAP:

  • Zero-interest loan (PTZ +), if the borrower meets the conditions for obtaining
  • Housing Action Loan (formerly named 1% Housing)
  • Housing Savings Loan (PEL)
  • Relay loan



  • Personalized assistance to housing
  • Grant from the National Agency for Housing Improvement (Anah)