3-month loans – comparison of offers Mother courage

The repayment period of 3 months somewhat limits the choice of lenders – almost all companies providing payday loans fall off (short-term loans granted for a maximum of 60 days).  However, of course, you can use installment loans – on this page you will find a comparison of non-bank loan offers for 3 months – if you would like to check similar offers in banks, go to the bank loans calculator.

Comparison of installments on 3-month loans

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The list below shows selected non-bank loan offers for 3 months . To facilitate the selection of the lender, the monthly installments for various loan amounts are given. In the last column you will find two links – one will take you to the website of the company, the other to analyze the offer of the selected loan on the current page.

So where is it worth borrowing for 3 months?

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If you look at the table from a cost perspective, you can recommend a Wongi loan. In turn, from the point of view of flexibility of the offer and admissibility, Monedo deserves special mention, which also positively stands out with costs.

However, it is worth noting that if the repayment deadline is shorter than 3 months – 60 days, being a new Ferratum customer, you can get a loan for free. If we are able to repay the liability during this period, it is a more advantageous option than a 3-month loan, as it does not incur any costs.

Some may also pay back one loan with another

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So as not to incur costs (using the promotion for new customers in several companies) – but this is quite a risky approach. Installment loans granted by non-bank companies are becoming more and more popular on the Lendy market. It is a convenient solution, which is chosen by people who cannot get a loan from the bank or who choose as an alternative to payday loans, which should usually be repaid within a short period, for example 30 days. Customers are looking for solutions tailored to their capabilities. In today’s article, we’ll look at installment loans with a decreasing installment. Are such financial products available on the Lendy market? How do they differ from loans with a fixed installment?